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This page is a key part of a knowledge base because it addresses the most common questions customers have and is useful to customers at all stages of the customer journey. FAQs start with a question and then answer it concisely.

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1. What if I already found a supplier?

CPS can take over and negotiate with the supplier on your behalf, check their reliability with China Companies House, visit their factory and ensure quality management throughout the whole purchasing process.
Our team is experienced, professional and prompt. We have developed procedures and a whole sourcing process with the sole aim of adding value to your business. Importing from China is made easy by CPS, giving you better quality for your money and less hassle.

With two offices, one in London and one in Shanghai, CPS members of staff are easily accessible in person. We want to meet you, understand your needs and become your partner, rather than a service provider/supplier. Also, in the testimonials section you can read/hear what our clients say about us and, if needed, we can provide references, as well.

The answer is not always ‘yes’; due to our experience and long-term cooperation with numerous factories and wholesalers, most of the time CPS can offer the customer a lower price. Our team is very experienced in negotiating with Chinese manufacturers, we purchase the goods in RMB, we can identify suppliers who do not have export license and/or English-speaking staff. In conclusion, we have many more options to choose from and therefore we can offer you more options to choose from.

  • finding a supplier who can meet your demands in terms of both price and quality
  • understanding the needs and scale of your business and adapting accordingly
  • ongoing cooperation, ensuring the manufacturer delivers the same quality, lead time and price for the 2nd, 3rd etc. transaction.
  • supplier credibility check and inventory management
  • quality control check throughout the manufacturing process.
  • CPS is your purchasing office in China and works towards CPS achieving your objectives.

We work with manufacturers based in Mainland China. They can be small manufacturers (around 10 employees), large private enterprises, SOEs (state owned enterprises), companies listed on the stock market.

From the moment the order is placed, a manufacturer usually needs 30 days to have the goods ready. From then, CPS will inspect the goods and then deliver them to the port/airport/cargo train station. Thus, generally speaking, from the point the order is placed to shipping, it takes roughly 5 weeks. ‘On water’, it can take between 2 and 6 weeks, depending on your country’s location.

No. We can cooperate in various ways, such as we purchase the goods and export to you, we help you find a supplier and we receive a commission from the supplier for introducing you to them, you pay us a commission for finding you a supplier etc. The cooperation terms vary depending on quantity, order value and other factors and will clearly be set before we actually begin the cooperation.

Yes. If you are happy with the supplier, then we can arrange the transportation of goods from the factory to the port (sometimes it can be the cargo airport or cargo train station), perform the customs clearance on your behalf and arrange the freight.

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