China Premium Sourcing


The quality of the sourcing process influences everything: price, quality, lead times etc.

The quality of the sourcing process influences everything: price, quality, lead times etc.

No matter the amount of quality control and no matter the number of factory visits, if a supplier simply cannot meet your demands, then this will not change, regardless how many efforts we make.

For that reason, we will introduce to you only the supplier which can meet your standaCPS and understands your needs.

Each client comes from a particular market that has specific needs. CPS will have several meetings with you (in person if you live in the UK, or via Zoom if you live in another country) to understand your needs, know your market, comprehend exactly what you are looking for.


Sourcing (2): Why choose CPS?

  • on the ground presence - our team is in China and they can visit the factories, do the quality check and ensure the goods are packed and sent to the port in a timely manner.
  • find factories you cannot find - the most professional factories will (most of the time) attend trade shows which are about their industry. As our clients can appreciate, each company can be an expert only in one domain. Also, according to our experience, around 3/4 of the factories we work with are not in or other such website. They work mostly with export companies (such as CPS) because they focus on manufacturing high quality goods, not on export procedures or negotiating in English.
  • vast experience - our company was established in 2017, but our team members have a combined experience of approximately 103 years in terms of sourcing, domestic logistics, sea/air/railway freight.
  • save time and avoid mistakes - different types of goods are manufactured in different parts of China; also understanding the specifications and the materials needed is crucial to supplying the right product. Through CPS, you can save time and avoid making mistakes which may lead to money loss and severe delays on the supply chain of your company.