China Premium Sourcing

Sample development

At CPS, ensuring that the factory manufactures the product you desire is the core of our business.

At CPS, ensuring that the factory manufactures the product you desire is the core of our business. You and the factory must always be on the same page, therefore our Quality Assurance team will work closely with both the clients and the factory to ensure that the size, shape, colour etc. of the product is EXACTLY as the client requests.


Before placing a manufacturing order with the factory, the product specs, how the product assembles, the instructions, packaging, and the whole customer experience must all be established, finalised, and documented.


The process is as follows:

  • the customer offers the factory all the details about the product
  • the manufacturer follows the customers’ instructions and meets the demands/standaCPS
  • CPS ensures that the manufacturing process goes according to the plan/agreement


Choose CPS to avoid Quality Assurance problems

Many companies which have imported from China have relied solely on the manufacturer for Quality Assurance; unfortunately, this strategy proved wrong.

This where CPS comes into play:

  • CPS Quality Assurance Process enables us to generate samples in a professional manner, sparing your company the time and expenses associated with airmailing samples across the globe.
  • you can be sure that your import will satisfy both yours and your customers' expectations when it arrives by taking no short cuts during the production process.

Why choose CPS for sample development?

  • our team of experts will oversee and sign off the development of every product specification; furthermore, we shall send you photos and videos so you can approve/amend the assembly, instructions, packaging and general user experience.


  • efficiency - the process of ensuring the sample meets your standaCPS can vary from checking it in our Shanghai office (provided you already reached an agreement with the supplier) to visiting the factory and checking the development of the product. Regardless, through CPS you can be certain that you are saving time and energy.


  • troubleshooting - working with Chinese suppliers can be challenging: from cultural differences to language barriers, negotiations can sometimes be tough and reach a dead end. Due to our experience and Chinese nationals team, we will overcome these problems and work on your behalf.